What you should consider before hiring a VA?

What you should consider before hiring a VA?

Feeling overwhelmed? Do you often find there are not enough hours in the day to complete your workload, and still achieve good work-life balance? Perhaps you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant!
Of course, there are many things to consider before hiring a VA – let’s discuss that a bit further!

First consider what non-core or repetitive tasks you are doing daily, and how much time they are taking away from other high-value and income-generating activities. If you can focus on your strengths and build a business by offloading the mundane, it may be time to do so. Tasks like scheduling, data entry, cleanup, research etc. can be tedious and can be handled easily by a VA. This will help de-clutter your day and allow you to focus on building your business in other areas.

Also, delegating items to your VA can prevent burnout, which is so important to avoid – life is stressful enough without burnout!

The last thing I would consider is cost, which is always important to think about, especially in these crazy pandemic times! Rates for VAs can range widely depending on experience, but a typical VA will usually run you anywhere between $10 – $30/HR. A more experienced VA may seem like more overhead than you expect initially, but having a virtual assistant is a lower-cost solution overall. Think about what a new full-time employee would cost, include salary, benefits, retirement etc – oof that adds up quick! A Virtual Assistant is a much more cost-effective solution than this, especially if it is a part-time VA. Lower cost and a significantly reduced workload? Sounds like a win-win to me, but I may be biased! 😉

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